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Category IP block name Description Process Foundry Technology Details, PDF
ADC 130iHP_ADC_08 12-bit 2-channel 5 MSPS cascade delta-sigma ADC 130 iHP BiCMOS
LNA 130iHP_LNA_04 3 to 5 GHz Low-noise amplifier 130 iHP BiCMOS
LVDS 130TSMC_LVDS_04 Programmable CMOS LVDS transmitter/receiver 130 TSMC CMOS
LVDS 130iHP_LVDS_01 1 Gbps LVDS transmitter 130 iHP BiCMOS
LVDS 130iHP_LVDS_02 1 Gbps Rail to rail LVDS receiver 130 iHP BiCMOS
MIXER 130iHP_MIX_04 3 to 5 GHz quadrature mixer 130 iHP BiCMOS
PA 130iHP_PA_02 3 to 5 GHz power amplifier 130 iHP BiCMOS