Distinctive features

Containing several design departments and having specialists with great experience in many electronic fields, we are able to design sophisticated SoCs with on-chip RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal blocks.

For the fastest possible design process, we use parallel co-working on the projects, when few design groups are working on their particular IC parts (i.e. LNA, mixer, ADC, demodulator…) simultaneously.

To offer our customers modern design solutions and appropriate design techniques according to actual market needs, we continuously invest into internal research works and self-development.

Having in-company PCB design, testing and software design departments, we supply all the designed ICs with evaluation kits, development boards and reference designs.

As a vertically integrated design center, NTLab is able not only to make System-on-Chip design, but also to create electronic modules and complete systems (including software, mechanical design, user documentation, etc.) based on those SoCs.