• Fabless microelectronic company

      As a team of electronic designers, our mission is to serve customers by best-quality design and also to provide off-the-shelf products (semiconductor IP blocks) in widest-possible variety

      Design to order

      We design ASICs, modules and portable systems for satellite navigation, radio frequency identification (RF ID) systems, wired and wireless communication, digital TV, FM radio, automotive electronics, and other applications

      Off-the-shelf IP blocks

      Search through our IP catalog to find digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF IP blocks for your application. Customized IP blocks are also available on request

      The team you can rely on

      Founded in 1989, NTLab group has a track record of successfully carried projects with nearly unlimited complexity of various applications for customers worldwide

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  • Experienced Team

    Our design team consists of IC design, PCB layout and software engineers, able to perform several highly-complex projects in parallel

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  • Design Areas

    Company's continuous spending to research in most advanced fields of electronics allow us to be involved in projects related to satellite navigation, RF ID, digital TV, wired and wireless communication systems, and others

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  • Our Projects

    NTLab has developed several dozen of analog, RF, digital and mixed-signal ICs for different applications. Many of them were produced in volumes and are being used in industrial, consumer and automotive electronics

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